lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

Murdoch abre gas

Contra todos los pronósticos, Murdoch está revitalizando The Wall Street Journal. Newsweek lo cuenta aquí. Entresaco algunos párrafos para dejar mejor sabor de boca tras las desgracias de Tribune Co.:

>>>[…] At a time when other print media (including the Times) are cutting back—reducing staff, eliminating sections and warning there's more to come—Murdoch's commitment to growth and investment are a dramatic counterpoint. Whatever else one may think of the 77-year-old's splashy journalistic sensibilities—and there are plenty of traditionalists who don't love the new Journal—few in the media business aren't impressed that Murdoch is at least trying to revitalize and extend an old-media brand. "The New York Times has been regarded as the best newspaper in the world," says Dow Jones CEO Leslie Hinton, a veteran Murdoch executive. "That's a reputation we don't believe is deserved. We're now a real alternative."

>>>The Journal newsroom has embraced [Murdoch] as a savior. […] Even so, bemoan the slow disappearance of perhaps the newspaper's most revered contribution to journalism—the page-one "leder," the long explanatory pieces on either the left or right side of the pre-Murdoch Journal.

>>>The Journal is larger than it was a year ago, having added four pages to accommodate expanded nonbusiness—primarily international—news. […] there are two more pages of opinion and arts and cultural coverage. […] has relaunched its once renowned "Heard on the Street" column, and increased the staff of its Washington bureau. […] There's wide notice of the Journal's greater sense of urgency to break news […].

>>>[…] Soft news has also become more prevalent. In a high-profile move, the Journal launched a glossy magazine, WSJ, in October. It hardly arrived smoothly. […] Many readers criticized WSJ as falling short of Journal standards. […] Madison Avenue embraced the magazine. The inaugural issue had more than 50 advertisers, including 19 who had never used the Journal.

Cierto, Gonzalo. Murdoch es el pro. Zell, el aficionado. Cierto, Léalo Antes En Paper Papers.

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