martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008


Bueno, Michael Wolff, no pasa nada. Tu libro sobre Murdoch se venderá como rosquillas, pero tendrás que tragarte unos cuantos sapos. Dice The Economist:

This is all pretty good fun. But there is little new insight into how Mr Murdoch has consistently created successful businesses over a wide range that stretches from the lucrative British tabloid, the Sun, to the Fox News network which has so discomfited post-Turner CNN, and from the satellite broadcasters, BSkyB and Sky Italia, to the acquisition of the online social-networking site, MySpace, which despite its growing army of detractors, continues to boom. Someone should write that story.

Cierto. Yo también esperaba más.

Como la pieza de nuestro newspaper favorito también comenta la autobiografía de Ted Turner, déjenme que les rescate esta perla de la susodicha:

On one occasion, during a conversation [...], [Turner] suddenly curled up on the floor in the fetal position, shouting, “It’s all too complicated.”

Y hace justicia: behind the sometimes unappealing public personas that have earned Mr Turner the epithet “Mouth of the South” and Mr Murdoch “Dirty Digger”, they have both succeeded by being visionary, iconoclastic agents of change.

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