sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Qué hace New Yorker en papel y qué online

David Remnick, el Director de la revista, cuenta qué hace New Yorker en su web comparado con la revista de pago:
"The website is clearly different from what you get on the iPad/Kindle; you’re getting the magazine as it is, every Monday morning, or some facsimile thereof, or something that works for that screen. The website is changing not just every day, but periodically every day, and we do not put a lot of the material from the magazine on the website. Quite frankly, one of the reasons for that is: This is not free. Websites are free and they are not made up for by web advertising. It might be [for] search engines or daily newspapers, but not for magazines. So much of what is on NewYorker.com is supplemental to the magazine—which is to say, an interview with a writer about that week’s piece, blogs, podcasts. One of the more popular things one the website is a podcast done every week by Deborah Treisman, where one of our fiction writers will read a story by some other writer—Lorrie Moore reading a story by John Cheever or something. It’s very popular and people pop them in their cars and listen to them on the way to work. That doesn’t seem like part of your life.

"The goal for me is to make sure we find a way, willy-nilly, to be healthy so that we can do the thing itself. The thing itself is what I care about most. Given a choice between the survival of the long-form narrative journalism, criticism, cartooning —all the things that we do—and print itself, there is no contest. No contest. I, at the age of 51, may still think, for me, the best technology for reading the New Yorker at this moment is the print version. But that’s just me. If your son, decides otherwise, that he wants to read it on an iPad, kenahorah [so be it]."
Via JC*, majísimo siempre.

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