miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2009

Más sentido común

Alan Newsosaur Mutter. Imprescindible siempre, siempre, siempre:

Free is a business model. I know this, because Jeff Jarvis says so. Actually, I think Chris Anderson, the author of The Long Tail may have said it first. Be that as it may, here’s the question: Given Jeff’s deeply held belief that content should be free, why is he charging a retail price of $26.99 for his new book? The central thesis of Jeff’s book, What Would Google Do?, seems to be that music, news stories, legal advice and other types of intellectual property should be free to roam the web to create links and communities which, somehow, Providence eventually will monetize. So, why is Jeff charging $27.99 for the audio version of his new book? […]

He forthrightly answered the question himself here in Newsweek: “I'm a hypocrite. I didn't put this book up as a purely digital, searchable, linkable entity — I didn't eat my own dog food —because I got an advance from the publisher, and other services. Dog’s gotta eat. I couldn't pass it up.” Speaking of dog food, I need to go buy some myself. I hope the store accepts Googlejuice in lieu of cash.

El resto del post es también muy bueno.

Alan es un poco injusto con Jarvis. Pero, en fin, lo suyo ya lo dijimos aquí y aquí. PaperPapers: imprescindible siempre, siempre, siempre.

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