martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

Lo que hay

Desesperada. Cuenta N*, Directora General Adjunta de un grupo europeo de diarios y revistas:

I just came from a meeting with these smart editors who want to do good business with their paper for less money and no one listens to them. Instead, they get a set of stupid saving measures. I liked what one of them said: “Don’t tell me on which items I should save. Give me a total amount you want to be saved on the yearly basis and I’ll find the way how to achieve it.” But no, our board is so smart: they tell you, for instance, to save 20% on company car expenses –and some of the editors don’t even have company cars, so how can they save it? Aghhhhhh!

En fin. Comprometer a tu gente con el proyecto. Aquella Gran Cosa.

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