viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008

Rompecorazones Obama

Peggy Noonan le escribía discursos a Ronald Reagan. Ayer en The Wall Street Journal le daba cuartelillo a Obama. Sea change. Increíble, pero cierto:

Mr. Obama has a significant portion of the nation to win over. He acknowledged this in his sterling victory speech, when he spoke of "those whose support I have yet to earn." He does have yet to earn it. Hint: They want peace, progress in the economy and nothing socially extreme. And they want to respect their president. Forget "they want to have a beer with you." That was yesterday, when beer was cheaper. They want to respect you and look up to you; they want you to be a positive, not negative, role model for their children; they want to know you can lead as you ran, capable, Cool Hand Luke.

[Gracias J*]

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