miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

Media bias

Pasada la calentura obamaníaca del momento, podemos recuperar un poco de actitud crítica leyendo The Economist –me refiero a la revista, no a sus suplementos comerciales:

The state of the economy was surely Mr McCain’s biggest problem, but he was also doomed by two other factors. […] The second was media bias. A survey for the Pew Centre’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that, in the six weeks between the conventions and the last debate, unfavourable stories about Mr McCain outnumbered favourable ones by more than three to one. When Mr McCain tried to focus on “non-Republican” issues such as poverty, the media all but ignored him; when Mr Obama broke his pledge to restrict himself to public financing, the media tut-tutted at first, but quickly moved on. One need only imagine how the New York Times would have reacted if a Republican candidate had broken such a pledge, and then gone on to amass a war chest of $639m to his opponent’s $360m, to see how profound the bias has been.

Me gustaría que no fuéramos así. De ahí este blog. Yes, we can.

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