jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Lo último en periodismo ciudadano

The Rapidian, de Cedar Rapids, Michigan. Ellos se presentan así:
The Rapidian is an experiment. Not so much about technology, but about community building. The free flow of local information is crucial to community vitality, civic engagement and a functioning democracy. The Rapidian is a project to address this need through citizen generated news and reporting. […]

With the initial Rapidian website in place, we now need the community to step up and give it life. In the coming months there will be expansion of the website and development of regular training workshops. We will spearhead the establishment of four neighborhood news bureaus; physical spaces where residents can access training, equipment and support. At Community Media Center we will take stories from The Rapidian and put them on radio and TV. We will recruit others to host links to The Rapidian on their websites. We will look for innovative models for sustainability. We will strive for inclusiveness, civil debate, and a stronger Grand Rapids through citizen reporting. But to do any of this, we need you.
Proponen a la comunidad diez modos para "ser" The Rapidian:
  1. Site Feedback – Help evolve The Rapidian website. Tell us what works, what could be better and what features you would like to see added.
  2. Spotlight Quality – Use the “Vote Up” to give kudos to well presented local content. This will help encourage quality reporting.
  3. Join the Discussion – By signing up for a Rapidian account, you can comment on stories, add perspectives and engage in conversation around local issues.
  4. Report on Your Neighborhood – Write or create a video about things happening in your part of town and then share it through The Rapidian.
  5. Share Nonprofit News – The Nonprofit Neighbors section is specially created so local organizations can promote their causes and showcase their activities.
  6. Identify a Bureau Host – Is there a local gathering place in your neighborhood that might serve as a neighborhood bureau? The Rapidian will offer classes, equipment, and support for up to four locations.
  7. Contribute Community Photos – Upload your “around town” shots to The Rapidian photobank
  8. Post a Link – We'll help you link your website to The Rapidian so you can connect others with local info.
  9. Use Twitter – Tweet to #rapidian to report on “right now” news .
  10. Volunteer – Join a great group of community volunteers who want to see the Rapidian grow.
Uno siempre se pone en guardia cuando lee un adjetivo al lado de la palabra periodismo. Aunque el adjetivo sea ciudadano. Es una manía, sí, pero casi siempre es verdad. Como en este caso. ¿Alguien cree que esas diez sugerencias convierten a alguien en periodista? Mejor: ¿requiere profesionales el periodismo? ¿O basta con un colega que use twitter y/o sepa postear que la vecina del lado hace un magnífico asado?

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