jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

The Observer seguirá vivo

Guardian News & Media (GNM) ha anunciado que The Observer seguirá vivo gracias a una mayor integración de operaciones con su hermano diario The Guardian. De los diversos comunicados de los diversos ejecutivos de la editora no queda muy claro cómo queda la cosa, aunque se deduce que puede convertirse en revista sabatina del Guardian.

Alan Rusbridger, directot editorial de GNM, dice en un memo:
Given the present state of recession and digital transition there isn't a media group in the world that isn't reviewing its publishing operations and the nature of its journalism. The weekend review has been rigorous and very helpful in understanding the changing needs of readers. A new-look Observer produced by John Mulholland and his team, and new ideas for the Saturday Guardian, were extremely well received. As a result of the review we will be publishing a formidable weekend package – with two papers that complement each other, each retaining a distinctive tone and voice.
Y avisa de que volverán a ofrecer la baja incentivada a los empleados que lo deseen. A buen, pocas.

¿Convertirá The Guardian en revista a The Observer? en Paper Papers 2/8/09