martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009


Inclina uno su cabeza ante lo que dice Scott Karp a propósito de Google Fast Flip:

Fast Flip is a new package for news.

The publishing business has always been about packaging content. Newspapers. Magazines. Newsletters

In digital media, on the web, the news package is now a function of software — which is why Google is innovating precisely where publishers are not.

Fast Flip is, more accurately, an attempt to create a new UI for news — a better way to consume publishers’ content than publishers provide on their own sites.

Most publishers are focused on how to charge for news. But there’s very little talk about how to innovate the packaging of news, much less a new UI for news. There’s very little talk about how people consume news on the web, about the value of aggregating articles from multiple sources, about solving consumers’ problems rather than publishers’ problems.

Y Michael Kirkland, un portavoz de Google, ha dicho a Zachary Seward:
“Google’s interest here is in trying to be a good partner to the news industry and to quality providers of news and try to frankly find ways to help publishers get more out of the web. It’s the first of several different types of experiments, different things we’ll be trying.”
Miguel Helft comenta en Bits:
Google has continued to insist that what it does is legal. But it has shown it is willing to pay publishers if those publishers, in turn, allow Google to do more with their content than it was doing before.
Algo más críticos: David Carr en Media Decoder, Paul Bradshaw en OJB.

En fin. Digo: Google se está poniendo las pilas… para dejar a los generadores de contenido con el menor poder de negociación posible. O éstos comienzan a innovar y desarrollar en la línea que comenta Karp o la distancia entre las herramientas de unos y otros será tan oceánica como las diferencias de escala actuales. Y los generadores deberán conformarse con lo que Google les deje.

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