miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

NYT: "No somos Operacion Triunfo"

Bill Keller, director de The New York Times:
We monitor traffic to get a general sense of audience behavior and to help gauge reader interest in particular features. Naturally we are pleased when good work finds a big audience. If a regular feature -- a blog, for instance -- consistently fails to interest readers, we will look for ways to fix it, or we'll examine whether it is worth the investment. But we do not judge the success of individual articles by the traffic they generate. Times readers come to us for our judgment of what matters, not just what's popular. As for our journalists, we evaluate them on the quality of their work, not the quantity of their pageviews. We're not Digg. We're not American Idol.
En The Business Insider se mofan un tantito de Keller por esa frase. Piensen: si esa filosofía atrae a 20 millones de usuarios únicos al mes… algo tendrá. Pero la gente que vive mayormente del chisme no está preparada para comprenderlo. Gracias, Bill Keller.

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