miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Revista del año

Women's Health es la mejor revista del año para Advertising Age ¿Saben por qué?
Its free website, for example, leads visitors to two of them, Fit Coach and the Abs Diet for Women, which charge membership fees. The brand's third annual "Are You Game?" event attracted more than 60,000 women and nine sponsors this summer. Women's Health is publishing two books in the second half of this year and plans to publish somewhere between six and 10 more books each year going forward. All are just some of the reasons why Women's Health is Ad Age's Magazine of the Year.
Por su condición de revista ni mu. Gracias MRA.

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Toni Piqué dijo...

…es que el premio se lo dan marketeros y comerciales… que también tienen su corazoncito