miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Los e-readers, en la Edad de Piedra

Les paso la confesión de Devin Coldewey. Es buenísima. Léala aquí completa. Así empieza:
I have a confession to make: despite having reviewed a few e-readers, and having written dozens of articles about them, I’ve never really used one. I mean, I’ve used them enough to know a good one from a bad one, to understand the features, and to do a proper evaluation — but I’ve never made one part of my life, the way one makes a mobile phone or laptop part of one’s life. In that way I haven’t really used an e-reader. Until just recently.
Le pasó lo mismo que a mí, quizá por eso me gusta especialmente (lo encontré en el tumblr de Eduardo Arriagada).