jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Eliminar los deportes para salvar el NYT

Es una propuesta que llegaron a estudiar en la Dama Gris. Fue descartada –por ahora:
More radical moves, like dropping the sports section, have been rejected because they would undermine the quality of The Times or would not save much money, Keller said.
En Marginal Revolution no lo tienen tan claro:
Is Keller trying to say something like: "We also don't think the section is that good, but if we cut it we'll lose those subscribers who take only one paper and still demand minimum sports coverage"? For these subscribers, is it not possible to rent out somebody else's sports section and stick it in the paper with a NYT label on it and maybe an extra article about the Knicks?
En Esta Casa ya discutimos esa alternativa.

Via Jack Shafer

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