domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Read all about it, read all about it - news of the world

Power, Pop!
Read about the things that happen throughout the world
Don't believe in everything you see or hear
The neighbours talk day in day out about the goings on
They tell us what they want - they don't give an inch

Look at the pictures taken by the cameras they cannot lie
The truth is in what you see - not what you read
Little men tapping things out - points of view
Remember their views are not the gospel truth

Don't believe it all
Find out for yourself
Check before you spread
News of the world

Never doubt
Never ask
Never moan
Never search
Never find
Never know

Each morning our key to the world comes through the door
More than often its just a comic, not much more
Don't take it too serious - not many do
Read between the lines and you'll find the truth

Read all about it, read all about it - news of the world

The Jam, "News of the world" [Spotify] en el álbum All Mod Cons

Gràcies R* per la pista.

Para que nadie se queje, otra referencia es el disco donde aparecen We will rock you y We are the champions:

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Albert dijo...

Aunque no cita explícitamente al NOTW, la letra de 'Sunday Papers' de Joe Jackson (en el álbum 'Look Sharp' de 1979) se refiere a él. De hecho, yo he visto a Jackson salir al escenario con un ejemplar de NOTW para cantarla.