jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Esto se puede complicar

The forces of control are getting more powerful every day. They are a direct threat to journalism and innovation. Journalists are starting to take note — and we can only hope it’s not too late.
La cita no se refiere a la Argentina, Ecuador o Venezuela. Es de Dan Gillmor y la publicó el Nieman Journalism Lab. Lea más:
Not only is Congress working on Hollywood’s behalf, but the Obama administration has been a regressive force inside the United States — while trumpeting Internet freedom abroad. Its virulent attacks on WikiLeaks, and misuse of the ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) process to take down sites with no due process are chilling. American journalists have failed to realize that their non-support for WikiLeaks is non-support for themselves, and they’ve essentially ignored the administration’s hypocrisy.

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Toni Piqué dijo...

Dan Gillmor debería haber sido etiquetado como "cantamañanas" o "fracasado serial". Y de ahí la pelotudez de esas dos frases.