martes, 2 de junio de 2009

Menos mal

Bagehot, la columna de The Economist sobre Gran Bretaña saca el polvo con un bate de béisbol a los políticos a propósito de la crisis de los gastos parlamentarios. Tras un Implacable & Impecable análisis de hechos (repito: de hechos), pone al descubierto su cobardía en tiempos de crisis y desenmascara una por una sus excusas. Y concluye:
The main explanation, however, is politicians’ self-interest. Backbenchers fear the ghoulish tortures of whips and the lost chance of preferment that rudeness about the prime minister might incur. Some fear that speaking out about the need for expenses-related sackings could set off a wave of retribution that could eventually engulf them too. The party leaders are stalling, reluctant to wield their metaphorical axes until they are sure where the chopping would end. Mr Brown may worry that punishing some MPs will make him still less loved among the rest.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that too many politicians are immobilised by a mix of inertia and spinelessness. Obstacles that are actually puny to them look Himalayan. To be snubbed in a parliamentary canteen seems as daunting as being put against a bullet-dented wall. Like many cowards, alas, they risk bringing on the fate they most fear.

La política española o la catalana no son mucho mejores que todo eso. Pero los británicos tienen la suerte de que muchos periodistas aún trabajan como periodistas.

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