miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

We will stand for freedom

Les paso el editorial -robado- de The Daily (ahí mismo pueden ver la presentación de hoy en NYC)
New times demand new journalism. Modern technology has given us more ways to tell stories than ever before — words, pictures, audio, video and interactive graphics. The Daily will deliver them all.

These amazing times also demand new ideas, and The Daily will deliver those too.

We live at a moment of unprecedented social and technological transformation, of political tension in the United States and upheaval abroad. These times call for arguments that push beyond calcified partisanship and the political battles of yesteryear. We need new voices that inform, entertain and provoke.

On these pages you’ll find views from across the political spectrum. They will come from across cultures and generations, across America and the world.

Here you will read reviews of books that matter. Pieces that explore religious faith. And history stories that illuminate where we come from.

You will also find The Daily’s own point of view. We will crusade for reforming America’s broken schools so we can remain the world’s pre-eminent economic and technological power. We will fight for sensible immigration reform and smart environmental laws. We will push for policies that give Americans the maximum possible freedom in their personal lives. And we don’t believe that expanding government is the solution to most problems.

Above all else, we will stand for freedom and with those who seek it. We believe America is exceptional, and must retain its unique role as global leader.

Not everyone will agree with us. But we know that, from the clamor of debate, new and world-changing ideas emerge. The Daily looks forward to being your guide and companion as our new era begins.

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