lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

El tomate que se parece a Lincoln

Encontré este comentario al libro Emus Loose in Egnar: Big Stories from Small Towns de Judy Muller gracias a un tuit de Pablo Mancini.

Al final del comentario Melanie Sill mete su cuchara:
Like oh-so-many other journalists, I started my professional career at a small-town paper and learned how influential a local editor and publisher could be in a tiny community. I took pictures of a tomato that resembled Abraham Lincoln, rode around all night with local sheriff’s deputies and suffered when a story I wrote, featuring a rape victim who wanted her story told, was killed by an editor. With two daily journalism internships under my belt, I was certain the paper was wrong. In reading Muller’s book, I’m reminded that such decisions aren’t simple.
El tomate que se parece a Abraham Lincoln es como el epítome del periodismo hiperlocal y los 8.000 weeklies norteamericanos la expresión más cabal de ese periodismo.

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Bloody Mary dijo...

Melanie Sill fue mi ME en el N&O! Small world. Cuesta imaginársela escribiendo sobre tomates...

Gonzalo Peltzer dijo...

Tenemos que conseguir ese libro.