miércoles, 16 de octubre de 2013

IHT ahora INYT



En realidad no es más que un cambio de nombre. Aquí tiene un buen artículo sobre los cambio de nombres en la prensa norteamericana.

Y aquí la carta de la primera portada del INYT de Arthur Sulzberger Jr que copio por si el 19 hay que pagar para leerla:
Introducing The International 
Today we celebrate the debut of The International New York Times (www.INYT.com), a news report tailored specifically for the valued members of our global audience. 
Edited from Paris, London, Hong Kong and New York, The International New York Times will continue to serve the many loyal readers of The International Herald Tribune by maintaining its tradition of journalistic excellence and innovation. 
Only a few decades ago, The New York Times was a well respected but metropolitan newspaper. My father, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, had the vision to make The Times a national newspaper in 1980. Though seen as a gamble at the time, it was clearly the right decision. 
Today, our future is global. The need for high-quality, authoritative, on-the-ground reporting and analysis from around the world has never been greater. 
Over the past year, we have built one news-gathering operation by combining the journalistic strengths and the newsrooms of The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune (IHT), with continuous news desks and a 24/7 global news flow from Hong Kong, Paris, London and New York. Our commitment to providing quality global journalism is steadfast. We have more international correspondents reporting from more locations than ever before. 
With today’s action, we are creating a single, unified global media brand, which will allow us to expand our digital hubs, grow our editorial team, add more international voices in news and opinion, and increase the coverage provided by some of our best writers from around the globe. 
To celebrate the launch of The International New York Times, we are offering complimentary access this week to our digital readers on INYT.com, NYTimes.com, iOS mobile apps and all mobile devices via a Web browser. 
Here are additional details on how to access The International New York Times: 
■ Home delivery details are available at Subscribe.INYT.com. If you were an IHT home delivery subscriber, your digital access now includes full access to the New York Times iPhone and iPad news apps, in addition to INYT.com and NYTimes.com. 
■ After this week’s complimentary access expires, limits for nonsubscribers will apply. If you are not an International New York Times home delivery or digital subscriber, you have access to a combined total of 10 articles each month on INYT.com and NYTimes.com, as well as limited access to content in the mobile apps. Beyond 10 articles a month, you will be asked to subscribe. For more information on INYT digital subscriptions or to subscribe, go to INYT.com/Access. 
■ As of today, the New York Times iPhone and iPad news apps allow you to choose between a U.S. or International Edition. The International Edition replaces the IHT app. INYT.com is available on all devices via a Web browser. 
It is our belief that The International New York Times will help you experience the world, while connecting and engaging with a global community of politically and culturally passionate people. 
Thank you for reading The International New York Times. 
Publisher, International New York Times

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