miércoles, 27 de septiembre de 2017

Nuevos formatos para las noticias

Interesante y exhaustivo análisis de Tristan Ferne en este artículo publicado ayer en el sitio del News Labs de la BBC: Beyond 800 words: new digital story formats for news. Léalo, véalo.

Aquí las doce categorías de nuevos formatos para las noticias que presenta Ferne:

1. Short & vertical video; often with captions, pioneered by AJ+ and NowThis
2. Horizontal *Stories; swipeable cards like Snapchat Stories and its clones
3. Longform scrollytelling; evolved from the original NY Times Snowfall
4. Structured news; like the original Circa or the reusable cards at Vox.com
5. Live blogs; frequently used for big events
6. Listicles; like Buzzfeed
7. Newsletters and briefings; which seem to be on trend right now
8. Timelines; which I expected to be more common
9. Bots and chat; from the chat-styled Qz app to the many attempts to deliver news within chat apps
10. Personalised; which typically is used to filter the choice of stories, rather than the story itself
11. Data visualisation; from graphs to interactives
12. VR and AR

y el cuadro que las explica:

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