jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

Suscripciones, aplicaciones y publicidad a medida

Se los paso en crudo y sin más vueltas 8 (y sin respetar la economía del link, pero por las dudas está aquí en The Media Briefing). Aplicaciones para pantallas conectadas, suscripciones long tail y publicidad a medida, pero sobre todo está claro que todo va a ser por internet en una wifi global.

50 percent 
Data from HIS says that over half of all TVs shipped globally are now smart TVs – that is, capable of being connected to the internet, with an operating system and apps. As the number of smart TVs grow it makes programmatic and very targeted TV advertising more of a reality, and making it possible to target at postcode levels, and more detailed dempgraphics, rather than large geographical areas.
20 percent 
In US broadband homes, 20 percent of viewing on a TV set is now internet video, making it the second largest form of content after broadcast TV (nearly 50 percent), but above DVR viewing. This shows the potential large changes coming to viewing from the adoption of smart TVs and devices like ChromeCasts – once it’s easy to put online video onto the main screen, people will increasingly do it. 
2.3 million 
A happy coincidence of scheduling an international local derby – England Vs. Wales – during most people’s office hours, led to a record 2.3m browsers watching the live stream of the Euro 2016 match, in addition to the 9.3m who saw it on BBC1. This shows that content, and especially live content, is crucially important – if it’s something people want to watch they will find it in the most convenient form.
100 million 
After much anticipation, Spotify announced that they had broken the 100m monthly active user threshold, with about 25 percent being paid users. Spotify announced this just before the Cannes Lions advertising festival, and were in evidence around Cannes, with lots to say to their agency partners.
15 million 
Apple, the other big global streaming player, earlier announced that it had hit 15m monthly active users – but it’s important to remember that all of Apple’s are paying a monthly fee. This means that they are not available to advertise to, but they are keen music fans, and Apple must now have more than half as many paying users as Spotify. This would go up, if, as is rumoured, Apple buys Tidal (3m paying users).  
The average number of apps a typical smartphone users uses in a typical month. Several reports recently have highlighted that the app ‘goldmine’ is becoming less lucrative, as people seemingly download fewer new apps because they realise that they mostly use the same ones over and over again. This behaviour is also seen, of course with other media like TV channels, and magazines. Infinite choice doesn’t mean that you will try everything.
500 million 
Instagram is gaining new users faster than it was a year ago – it took less time to get from 400m to 500m monthly active users than the previous hundred million. However, one possible pain point is that the number of pictures per user seems to be falling – maybe the new users are less keen than the earlier adopters? 
800 million 
Facebook has some very clever tools that we often take for granted, and prominent in these is their translation ability. Those of us who have friends from different countries often see the option of translate their updates, and nearly a billion users do this every month. This makes Facebook truly global, and must provide lots of fascinating data too!

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