viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

El mejor libro sobre periodismo según David Carr

The New York Times preguntó a algunos de sus periodistas cuál era el mejor libro sobre su profesión que habían leído. Esta es la respuesta de Carr, la respuesta de un reportero:
“In the hours after the attacks of Sept. 11, I was at the corner of Church and Chambers. Building 7 was on fire and then fell. A wall of debris and smoke came rushing up the street, and I dove under a car. I found myself looking into the eyes of a pigeon there and having an interspecies moment. ‘Are we O.K.? Is the world ending? Are we, um, birds of a feather?’ When the moment and wall of crud passed and I collected myself, I noticed a copy of Strunk and White’s ‘The Elements of Style,’ the ur-text of our profession, under the car. It was marked in ink as a Port Authority copy, and I knew it had blown out of their offices at the World Trade Center. I observe none of its edicts — I am a turgid, digressive writer — but love its aspiration and clarity. I put it under glass still containing the dust of that day along with a copy of something I wrote for New York magazine that was the only decent thing I wrote out of all that confusion and mayhem. I treasure its presence in my home even as I leave its advice under glass.”
Aquí se lo puede bajar (pdf).

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