lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

El long tail de Jeff Bezos

Le preguntaron a Jeff Bezos por su fórmula para monetizar The Washington Post. Fue en una cumbre organizada por Vanity Fair. Lea lo que contestó (los enlaces y las comillas son de AdWeek).
...asking consumers to pay for content isn't a model that he's totally sold on.
"These things can change, but I don't see evidence yet that consumers are amenable to those kinds of micro-payments," Bezos told a packed room. "In the early days of music subscription services, consumers were not amenable to music subscriptions—they didn't want that, they wanted to buy it a la carte. Habits and behaviors and patterns of consumers do change slowly over time—maybe one day they will pay." 
Bezos also said that he wants to move the Post from "making a relatively large amount of money per reader, having a relatively small number of readers—that was the traditional Post model for decades, [a] very successful model by the way," to, "a model where we make a very small amount of money per reader on a much, much larger number of readers."

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